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Catherine Street, Waterford. IREALAND


Driving Directions 

Coming from Dublin/Limerick (over the older "city" bridge)

When nearing Waterford coming through the new system of roads - keep looking for the white "City Centre" sign.

Once you are over the bridge, turn left and follow the road down along the quays.

Stay on this road and follow it around a sharp bend past the statue (in middle of the road).

Go through the traffic lights and you will come to a crossroads with a "FAS" Building on your left and a "Credit Union" Building on your right - turn left here.

We are about 50 yards on the right.

Coming from Cork

Follow the road all the way in (i.e. follow the "City Centre" sign at the large roundabout where car sales are, and through all sets of lights and other roundabouts).

You will be looking for a crossroads with traffic lights on. It will have a "Credit Union" building on the left and a "FAS" building on the right - turn right here.

We are about 50 yards on the right.